​Personal Tax Work: 

I have much experience completing every kind of personal tax return, including Itemized Deductions (Schedule A), sole proprietorship income on Schedule C, as well as stock & bond sales on Schedule D, and S-Corp & partnership flow-through income via Form K-1. Plus much more.

Business Tax Work - $395 ​​All Entities*

I also have a tremendous amount of experience with all kinds of business tax returns, including S-Corps, C-Corporations of small to medium size, partnerships, LLC's and non-profit organizations. Financial statement assistance is not a problem as much of my extensive experience has involved financial statement work.

*Financial statements required for business tax returns.​

Honest Tax CPA

Honest means I operate in a narrow margin - every deduction you're entitled to, no more, no less. 


Back Tax Work

Back tax work - no problem!  I am not a stranger to the IRS. In fact, going back to 2001, I wrote a nationally published article entitled, "The New Face of the IRS".  Note: tax column editor always listed his name at the top of the tax column article and my name at the end of the article. And, yes, I have an engineering degree, as well as a CPA license.

 .. "A CPA With Door to Door Convenience" ..

"Thank you for your prompt responses and

for assisting our company with our taxes.

We are very pleased with your service." 


​-M.F., Blinds By Design, Inc.


      I started my accounting career as a bookkeeper - believe it or not.  And before that, I needed "cash handling" experience - doing retail sales work, in order to get a job as a bank teller, while I was going through college. I looked inside the bank about the time of graduation, but found all the jobs so narrowly focused. Corporate accounting interested me, but the jobs were with small companies, in Albuquerque, N.M. - where my family was.  That's how I got started as a bookkeeper.  

   Before too long, I rose through the bookkeeping ranks: Bookkeeping Assistant first, Intermediate Bookkeeper, Full-Charge Bookkeeper/In-House Accountant, and finally Bookkeeping/Accounting Supervisor, at a medium-sized business. After finishing my accounting degree and passing the CPA exam, I went to work for a CPA firm, where I did audit work for approximately two years, culminating in an Audit Senior/Supervisor position. At about that time, we moved the family from Albuquerque to Orlando area, and I started focusing on tax work. It's been about 5 years and I've had the opportunity to complete tax work for both personal and businesses. (Believe it or not, I'm actually one of those ~'rare' individuals - who really does enjoy doing this kind of work.:)